Monday, March 9, 2009

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase (月詠 -MOON PHASE-)

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase is a manga series by Keitarō Arima about a young vampire girl named Hazuki and a Japanese freelance photographer Kohei Morioka whom Hazuki attempts to make into her servant.
The manga was adapted into a 25 episode TV anime series by the Shaft studio and aired late night on TV Tokyo from 4 October 2004 to 28 March 2005, followed by an additional 26th episode released only on DVD in 22 February 2006 which featured art from Type-moon. The OVA storyline has very little to do with the original series outside of having some of the same characters, and has a completely different storyline which does not fit into anything which came before it.

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Moonphase: Box Set(

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