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Best Student Council (極上生徒会)

Best Student Council (極上生徒会 Gokujō Seitokai) is an anime television series produced by Konami and J.C.Staff which originally aired on TV Tokyo from April to September of 2005. A PS2 dating sim game of the same name based on the anime was also made by Konami. The development staff includes composer Yoko Shimomura of Kingdom Hearts fame.
The North American DVD was released by ADV Films in 2007.
The story takes place at Miyagami Private Academy, a mysterious all-girl high school, its student council, the Miyagami Academy Maximum Authority Wielding Best Student Council, also known as the Best Student Council (Gokujou Seitokai), having Assault and Covert divisions. The council has more authority than even the faculty and staff.
All Best Student Council members have some kind of special ability, which helps them to make Miyagami Private Academy a place where students are not restricted by the outside (adult) world.
Best Student Council features wacky humor and a notable amount of emotional yuri subtext. It can be seen as a mixture of elements from Mai Otome and Maria-sama ga Miteru.
Best Student Council's emphasis is humor, but more profound subjects like finding one's way in life and friendship come into focus on occasion.
Rino Rando, on her own since the death of her mother, transfers to Miyagami Private Academy on the recommendation of her pen pal, Mr. Poppit. Shortly after her arrival, Rino surprisingly becomes a member of the elite Best Student Council. Rino learns that Kanade Jinguji founded Miyagami Private Academy as a place where students can live free from restrictions and that the Best Student Council was formed to ensure that freedom.
The Best Student Council is divided into the three main divisions: Executive, Assault and Covert plus the Vehicle Squad.
Each of its members has her own special ability, such as special fighting techniques or weaponry such as cards, a yo-yo, or, in Rino's case, her hand puppet Pucchan.
Rino's life at Miyagami Private Academy is paved with hilarious events, but every now and then, the series undertakes a much more serious and philosophical undertone.

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