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Vandread (ヴァンドレッド)

Vandread (ヴァンドレッド Vandoreddo) is a Japanese anime series directed by Takeshi Mori and created by Gonzo and Media Factory animation studios. Vandread, as a science fiction space opera, combines elements of action, romance, ecchi, comedy, and mecha elements. Vandread presents a mix of comedy ranging from slapstick humor to subtle humor. It also utilizes well-animated characters and cleanly rendered CG action sequences.
The series is composed of two seasons (Vandread, released in 2000 and Vandread: The Second Stage, released in 2001), each composed of thirteen episodes of twenty-five minutes. The first series is summarized in the Vandread Taidouhen OVA in 2001, and the second in the Vandread Gekitouhen ("Turbulence") OVA, released in 2002. There is a Vandread Extra Stage Novel, that explains the events after Vandread: The Second Stage.
Set in a universe where men and women are completely segregated (on completely different planets: Mejere by the women, Taraak by the men), the gender wars are more than just a metaphor.
Male protagonist Hibiki Tokai, a third-class laborer, takes up a bet to steal a high-tech humanoid robot, known as a Vanguard, from the male attack force battleship about to fight the "evil females". Caught on board when it takes off, the battleship is suddenly attacked and all males evacuate, with the exception of Hibiki, Duelo McFile, and Bart Garsus. Stuck on board and held as prisoners with female pirates all around, things seem to have hit an all-time low, until the retreating males retaliate by firing torpedoes at the ship, to prevent it from falling into women's hands. The Paksis Pragma, the core of the battleship, a mysterious crystalline entity, protects itself by eradicating the missile, while forming a wormhole that sends the pirates and warship to a distant part of the galaxy, and fusing the battleship with the females' pirate vessel, forming the Nirvana. This results in a quirky ship with very smooth lines, a host of technical problems, which some episodes are often aimed at solving, and various hidden capabilities that become apparent in later events. The Vanguard Hibiki attempted to steal has also been altered along with three of the women's fighters, known as Dreads, allowing the separate ships to combine. The fusion of Hibiki's mecha with one of the fighters is called a Vandread, the titular mecha.
In this alternate, futuristic universe, men and women consider each other to be completely separate species (Hibiki gains the nickname "Mr. Alien" from Dita Liebely, the female protagonist), and the three men put up with much abuse at the hands of their female captors, but gradually make their presence accepted: Hibiki as a mecha fighter and technician, Duelo as a skilled doctor and engineer, and Bart as the ship's helmsman and navigator.

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